The Sheriff’s Mounted Posse

The Leon County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse is a 22-member, volunteer unit that assists in policing during the Red Hills International Horse Trials.  Member volunteers are responsible for the care and maintenance of their animal and any expenses related to their privately-owned horse.

Horses easily maneuver between vehicles and a rider’s view can encompass larger areas from atop a horse, providing a vantage point superior to a foot patrol or vehicle patrol.

Prior to acceptance into the Mounted Posse, horses are required to undergo an evaluation and successfully maneuver an obstacle course in a calm, controlled manner.  Equine members of the posse must accept strange and sometime scary situations confidently.  They are also people-friendly and can be seen riding in parades, attending high school football games, on patrol during 4th of July at Tom Brown Park and, of course, during Red Hills.

photo by Shems Hamilton