Getting Ready for Red Hills

The Red Hills International Horse Trials are just around the corner and a small army of volunteers is already hard at work. Today was a beautiful day and the park was visited by hikers, bikers, and runners, while a handful of paint brush toting volunteers were going about their business.  Most of the cross country jumps that you will see in March are stored in a barn to protect them from our weather but they still need to be pressure washed, and most will require paint or stain to freshen the look.  Handcrafted Amish wagon wheels are new this year and one of the jumps on the drawing board is a boat and trailer combo that competitors will need to clear.  The wise old owl is getting a make-over and will no longer be an owl but we repurpose material at every chance we get while also keeping the competition fresh.  A massive old oak fell over the summer and much of it has been turned into new jumps. In other news, the Northwest Florida Water Management District conducted a controlled burn this past week and the City of Tallahassee Department of Park, Recreation & Neighborhood Affairs has been busy preparing Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park for the thousands of visitors that will descend upon Tallahassee in just three weeks.  We are getting ready, are you?