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Diary of a World-Class Water Jump

Wherever there is a water jump, spectators gather. Not only are water jumps technically challenging for horse and rider, they create spectacular scenery, offer great photo opportunities, and there is always a chance the human competitor may go for an unscheduled swim.

In this post we are going to “dig deep” into the science of water jumps because a world-class …


Better Turf Under Hoof

What happens between the jumps on a cross-country course is every bit as important for the horse as clearing the jumps themselves. Riders place a high value on good footing because their equine athletes benefit from it. The footing on cross-country can mean the difference between a comfortable horse and a lame one at the end of the day on …


How many ribbons are awarded at RHHT?

If you guessed eighty-one you are correct!

Still, event volunteers have been asked many questions about the ribbons and how they are allocated so here’s a little bit of an explanation:

Event rules for the international divisions require that ribbons be awarded on a four-to-one ratio.  For example, if the division will have forty competitors, a minimum of ten ribbons …


2015 Red Hills Fast Facts

$3.3 m   economic impact
50,000   pounds of horse manure
45,000   square feet of stabling
40,000   spectators in attendance or online
$22,000   in prize money
12,000   cubic feet of horse bedding
1,800   linear feet of chain link fence
860   thundering hooves
705   minutes of daylight to run cross country
687   volunteers
600   acres in Elinor Klapp-Phipps park
500   pounds of carrots…


There’s more than one kind of stall in the stables.

The average horse doesn’t generally need a bath but those performing at Red Hills may get more than one during their stay.  A designated area for bathing is located inside the high fence surrounding the stables and it provides the basic needs of a horse shower: posts for tying up and running water.  Competitors and grooms bring the rest of …


The Sheriff’s Mounted Posse

The Leon County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse is a 22-member, volunteer unit that assists in policing during the Red Hills International Horse Trials.  Member volunteers are responsible for the care and maintenance of their animal and any expenses related to their privately-owned horse.

Horses easily maneuver between vehicles and a rider’s view can encompass larger areas from atop a horse, providing …


Michael Etherington-Smith brings a world of experience to Tallahassee.

Michael Etherington-Smith has begun adding his seasoned touch to the Red Hills 3* cross-country course. As designer of the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event for nineteen years, and of the Sydney and Beijing Olympics cross-country courses​ plus a number of World Equestrian Games​, Mike brings a world of experience to Tallahassee. After retiring from Rolex in 2008, Mike became head …