Spectator Demographics

Demographics of those who attend the sport of eventing:

Equestrian competitors and fans constitute an ideal market for high quality products and services. As a group they are well educated, have ample disposable income and the time to use it in pursuit of their passions. Other factors, including age and profession, make them a perfect target audience for companies seeking an upscale market.

  • 85% are women
  • 66% have a college degree
  • Average income is $185,000
  • 38% have a net worth over $500,000
  • 80% make or directly influence purchasing decisions at work
  • Average home market value is $594,000.
  • 22% own two or more homes
  • 40% live on a farm; 66% of those are ten acres or more
  • Own three vehicles; 53% own a pick-up truck
  • 63% have traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds in the last year
  • Average 30 nights per year in a hotel. Equestrian enthusiasts are highly active and mobile. Forty-three percent take more than 16 airline trips a year. Over half have purchased a new automobile within the last year and 97.3% hold more than one credit card account.

* Research compiled from USEF