Month: January 2018

Red Hills Celebrates 20 Years!

20 years ago…

The year 1998.

The place Tallahassee, Florida.

The event The Red Hills Horse Trials.

That is how we began, and as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of what has grown into a destination event on the international eventing competition calendar we look back and thank all who have been a part of this tremendous growth and …


Cross-Country Courses Re-designed, New Coffin Jump Added

Red Hills runs only once a year, but work goes on year-round. There is a beautiful new coffin jump on the courses for 2018. The photos are from raw ground to finished product. Zoysia sod was rolled on the raw dirt to make the take-offs and landings ride beautifully. Course builder Tyson Rementer makes this prep look easy.




The Clydesdales attended in 2017

The iconic eight-horse hitch and Clyde the spotted dog attended the 2017 Red Hills International Horse Trials March 10 and 11, 2017.  The horse drawn beer wagon and team made a public appearance during the cross country phase of competition, making a two-mile journey through Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park. Here are a few facts about the …


Etiquette 101

As a Spectator: Horses don’t see color, so I’d drop the line about loud, attention-getting colors. Mentioning flappin clothing or loud jewelry are good tips.

  1. No sudden movements or running

Many factors go into why horses are so easily startled. One is the placement of their eyes on the sides of their head. They have blind spots – areas that …