Getting Ready for Red Hills

The Red Hills International Horse Trials are just around the corner and a small army of volunteers is already hard at work. Today was a beautiful day and the park was visited by hikers, bikers, and runners, while a handful of paint brush toting volunteers were going about their business.  Most of the cross country jumps that you will see in March are stored in a barn to protect them from our weather but they still need read more…

Equestrian Etiquette 101

Like any sport, equestrian has its own etiquette and subtle rules to be aware of as a spectator. For any type of horseback riding, the etiquette is even more critical to know about since safety is at stake due to the prey instincts of horses. Following these guidelines is necessary in order to avoid spooking the horses and causing any accidents or injuries to the animals and riders.

As a Spectator

Whether you are new to the equestrian scene or are looking for a refresher, these 5 tips will help to ensure safety, keep the competitors and horses at ease, and read more…

The Clydesdales are coming!

The iconic eight-horse hitch and Clyde the spotted dog will attend the 2017 Red Hills International Horse Trials March 10 and 11.  The horse drawn beer wagon and team will make a public appearance during the cross country phase of competition on Saturday making a two-mile journey through Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park. Here are a few read more…

Volunteerism and Red Hills


Kaylin Staller likes snakes and alligators. She is knowledgeable about box turtles, gopher-tortoises, bobwhite quail, wild turkey and fox squirrels — to name a few species. During the 2016 Red Hills International Horse Trials Staller staffed an exhibitor booth for the Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy, answering inquiries about longleaf pine forests and discussing the benefits of prescribed fire.

According to an article in the Tallahassee Democrat, Staller is at ease handling reptiles, such as the Eastern Kingsnake, that Tall Timbers uses for educational purposes.

Read this amazing volunteer profile!



The Food Court

Food Court Banner

Mike Bonfonti blogs for Sweet Tea & Bourbon, a restaurant blog.  He wrote recently about his visit to the Food Court at the 2016 Red Hills International Horse Trials and had this to say:

“Watching expert riders navigate their horses over the cross country course at Red Hills Horse Trials as spectators is hard work, and as early afternoon approached, we decided to venture into the food court area at the event for a quick meal. Kirsten’s sweet tooth pulled her towards the kettle corn stand, while with my love of all things savory, I gravitated towards the Backpackers Box food truck.”

After reading his blog entry, it was clear that Mike and Kristen enjoyed the Food Court choices, a menu to satisfy every palate, and the picnic area.

Read what Mike had to say about the 2016 Food Court at Red Hills!

Building The Horse Trials

While activity is year-round, the true evidence that the Red Hills International Horse Trials will soon be underway is when the stabling tents arrive.

In addition to the main stabling area shown in the picture above,  a smaller stable is erected for the Leon County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse which participates as part of the event’s security force.  The maximum overnight horse occupancy at Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park will be 316 when the stable installation is completed in the next few days.

A high security fence, stabling office, stalls, bedding, ice machines, equine showers, watering stations, blacksmiths, and a tent to house Competitor Hospitality will all be installed before the first rig rolls into Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park.

Appropriate Attire Required

RHHT Attire
Whatever your favorite sport might be, it has rules that are for the protection and welfare of its participants. It could be mats at a gymnastics meet, shin guards worn by goalies or shoulder pads for football players but, no matter the sport, the potential for injury is always a concern. The safety rules and equipment required at Red Hills are strictly enforced and include read more…

Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP)

tip_high.eps jPEG

For over 120 years The Jockey Club has pursued its mission to improve Thoroughbred breeding and racing and maintain the integrity of the breed in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico through administration of The American Stud Book.

More recently, The Jockey Club announced the Thoroughbred Incentive Program, or TIP, to encourage the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines when they retire from read more…

New in 2016!

Tailgate long

Community Day is Thursday, March 10.  Area schools can arrange student field trips to Elinor Klapp-Phipps park where students can learn equine science and the sport of eventing, forestry and water management, or a number of other topics that can be tailored to the age and interests of students.  To schedule a field trip: Contact Us.

The TAIL-GAIT at Red Hills debuts on  Saturday, March 12.  Enjoy the excitement of Cross Country from your very own tailgate spot.  Tailgate under the trees, under a tent, or out in the open. Bring your own food and beverage or let the official Red Hills caterer do the cooking for you.  Learn More.

Wear a Hat on Sunday, March 13.  There has been a growing trend of ladies wearing lovely hats when attending the competition, especially on Sunday. So it’s not so surprising that March 13 has been officially declared as “Hat Day” by organizers of the Red Hills International Horse Trials. If your closet is hat-less you may want to stop by the Avenue of Shops and check out the selection there or just come with no hat. Either way, Sunday is a great day to be at Red Hills.

Hats are for horses too!

It’s not uncommon to see ladies wearing fancy hats on the final day of competition at Red Hills, but many of the equine athletes are also wearing “hats”. Called an ear bonnet, they are quite popular and can read more…

The Mane Story

During the Cross Country phase at Red Hills, horses may gallop 25-30 miles an hour between jumps. Imagine a galloping horse with a long flowing mane and it conjures up a beautiful image in your mind. Now, imagine the rider that is being whipped in the face by that same beautiful mane and you begin to understand why read more…